Product Name:RT-1406 Automatic video coordinate measuring machine(gantry type)

  • Model No.:RT-1406
  • Automatic gantry imager is a modern non-contact optical measuring instrument, which is developed on the basis of digital artificial intelligence measuring device.

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Product description:


Automatic gantry imager is a modern non-contact optical measuring instrument, which is developed on the basis of digital artificial intelligence measuring device. This gauge inherited digitized motion accuracy, sporty handling characteristics, combined with innovative vision software is the most advanced type of measurement instruments. Gantry automatic image measuring instrument with high precision, good efficiency, automation, stability. Solve several major problems in manufacturing, it is the pride of image measuring instrument industry.


Dongguan  Right Testing Machine introduced automatic image measuring instrument has a manual measurement, CNC scanning, automatic measurement of learning in three ways, three performance can also be fused to achieve complex scanning. You can also track scanning, which ones to realize the measurement point, and capable of imaging error correction. Gantry automatic image measuring instrument has the following characteristics:


1, a high degree of digitization


Gantry automatic image measuring instrument measuring operation entirely by mouse operation, to achieve human-computer numerical control microns which ones to close one o'clock wish. Previously manual process is cumbersome instruments to measure, it is likely to cause human error, and automatic gantry imaging instrument in this regard to improve, get rid of the artificial defects. Added non-linear error correction makes the instrument has a huge increase in accuracy and speed.


2, spatial geometric computing capacity


Gantry automatic image measuring instrument having a high-end software technology, enables complex operations and coordinate rotating coordinate system. Even if the workpiece can also be randomly placed to detect, it can directly see the label directions and measuring point, clear and easy to operate.


3, customized software


Gantry automatic image measuring instrument has a powerful software features that allow for image editing, storage, processing, etc., can also be easily portrayed, imported CAD graphics. Can also be based on customer demand, design adds a personalized measurement modules, tailored to customers the required gauge.


Gantry automatic image measuring instrument highly intelligent, automated features, making measurements easy. Integration of machine vision and automatic learning capability, combined with digital micrometers take place, making the measurement process can be the instrument memory and learning. Gantry automatic image measuring instrument to allow operators to use learning to meet the business and high-volume sampling testing requirements, improve work efficiency, can really contribute to the enterprise.


Dongguan  Right Testing Machine as well-known instrument manufacturers, the research and development of good governance gantry automatic image measuring instrument is also very advanced. Its powerful, improve accuracy, and can measure large workpieces measuring up to stroke 4000mm * 1500mm, and with powerful software features, but also according to customer demand for a strong section design, sale and software upgrades are also equipped with protection of our customers You can rest assured that choice.


By Industry


Cutting, touch screens, mobile phones, medical equipment, PCB, film, electronic carrier tape, rubber, clocks and watches, gear, mechanical processing, automobile and motorcycle parts, bearings, motors, precision hardware, tools, electronic components and other industries and research institutes, college universities, institutions and enterprises measurement measuring room; also serves the aviation, aerospace and other military enterprises.


Environmental conditions:

Measuring Machine room temperature requirements: Temperature measuring machine room: 18-22 ℃

The maximum temperature gradient around the machine environment: 1 ℃ / h 2 ℃ / 24h, 1 ℃ / m

Gas supply system: Minimum supply pressure: 0.5Mpa Air consumption: 120L / min

Power supply system: Voltage: 220V ± 10%, the maximum power consumption: 2000W, Current: 15A

Electrical equipment requires reliable grounding: Grounding resistance less than 4 ohms


Software Summary

Measurement software main function is as follows:

(1) Measurement element:

Can measure 12 Elements (points, lines, circles, arcs, ellipses, rectangles, trough, ○ ring, distance, angle, open cloud line, closed cloud line).


Measurement methods varied (automatic identification measurement, sampling point measurement, contrast measurement, contrast measurement tolerances. Preset element), to meet the different needs of users, greatly improving ease of use and accuracy.

There are many single-point acquisition method: You can point the mouse mining, mining point crosshairs edge finder, zoom mining point.

Can measure the closing of the cloud perimeter, area and center of gravity, using a cubic interpolation algorithm, is currently the most accurate method for measuring the cloud line.

Marquee can be measured more round, fast and accurate measurement of multiple circles.

The measured data can be saved as a DXF file, or .BMP picture, and the user program format.

(2) macro measurement function

Macro measurement function is to associate some measurements, command structure to a button. Click the button that started the macro measurements, measuring macro function automatically completes the construction of action, thus reducing the number of mouse operations, improve work efficiency.

It should be noted that: macro measure is different from the user program functions, macros are not recorded measuring light source, the position coordinates and other measurement. When you run the macro measurements, it will not move the table, lighting and so on. Software provides a set of macros 16 measurement function, users can edit their own macro measurement function button icons.

(3) construction elements:

Powerful element configuration capabilities. Element configuration provides 10 kinds of construction method ([translation], [the rotation], [extract], [portfolio], [parallel], [vertical], [image], [symmetric], [intersection], [tangent]) constructor geometric elements. Element configuration makes it easy for users to deal with some difficult to measure the elements, thereby improving efficiency.

Construction element to element type oriented. There are a variety of configurations results, results provide various configurations for users to choose. For example: Two construction lines, two points can be joined to form a straight line, you can also find these two lines of symmetry, so there are two construction methods.

(4) display rich results

Measurement results of the various elements of the show, the large amount of information, to meet the various needs of customers. What can be set to display, what does not display the individual elements can also be set individually for displaying information, but also on elements of the same set.

(5) can display optical magnification and screen magnification

Screen magnification software axis is calculated automatically, and can display a pixel is equivalent to how many mm.

(6) coordinate system:

Multiple workpiece coordinate system can be established according to the drawings. Achieve coordinate transformation for each coordinate system; can easily achieve mutual conversion between Cartesian coordinate system and the polar coordinate system; to achieve store and recall each workpiece coordinate system.

After the establishment of coordinate system, if you select the crosshair rotation, will make the crosshairs, the rotation direction indicating coordinate system

(7) user program:

User program recording unrestricted, edit, save. Outbound functions. The user program can record all user actions, editors, copy measure to achieve dramatically improve measurement efficiency.

Simple user program teaching mode can be copied to teach step, a powerful visual editing capabilities, convenient batch testing.

Using the teachings of the program mode records the user program. When a user first measurement of the workpiece, workpiece measurement automatically record user program, user program can save the recording to a computer in order to open the re-run again.

Intelligent direction indicator, indicating the location of the next element to be measured, user-friendly to find the target.

You can set whether autofocus user program process, automatic measurement process, you can manually measure.

You can re-measure an element to change its methods of measurement to be editing the measurement of magnification, light, edge finder methods.

Software provides tolerance pause function and the measurement fails pause function, if the user program occurs when abnormal measurement, intelligent software can handle.