Product Name:RT-1408 Automatic coordinate measuring machine (Bridge type)

  • Model No.:RT-1408
  • 1. WEALTH series measuring machine adopts the international advanced finite element analysis method, it has a mechanical structure rigidity, geometric error is small, high precision, high performance and stability advantages.

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Main feature

1. WEALTH series measuring machine adopts the international advanced finite element analysis method, it has a mechanical structure rigidity, geometric error is small, high precision, high performance and stability advantages.

2. The overall structure is good rigid mechanical structure, light weight closed empty frame moving bridge structure. Its structure is simple, compact and promote large carrying capacity, good sports performance.

3. Fixed quality granite table, it has a strong bearing capacity, handling vast, becomes the Czech Republic.

4. Y-axis dovetail, high positioning accuracy, stability, good performance.

5-axis high quality granite, thermal expansion coefficient is small, three-axis has the same temperature characteristics, which has a good temperature stability, the effectiveness of anti-deformation, rigidity, dynamic geometric errors deformation.

6. The axes are used self-cleaning pre-load high-precision air bearing rails composed of aerostatic bearing span, anti-swing angle capability, low resistance, no loss of Mo, more balanced movement.

7. X-axis 50 ° 60 ° 70 ° triangle beams, lower center of gravity compared to the rectangular beam, rigidity than the best quality, more reliable motion.

8. The light-weight, low center of gravity, strong rigidity, dynamic error is small, to ensure the stability of the machine.

9. The use Renishaw reflective metal strip grating measurement system, with the majority of the work has a similar thermal expansion coefficient to ensure a good repeatability. System resolution up to 0.5μm; while using one end fixed, one end of the retractable installation, reducing deformation raster size, to ensure changes in temperature linear scaling.

10. The motion axes are used in Japan, three sheep DC servo motor + belt reinforced to ensure smooth and accurate movement.

Environmental conditions:

Measuring Machine room temperature requirements: Temperature measuring machine room: 18-22 ℃

The maximum temperature gradient around the machine environment: 1 ℃ / h 2 ℃ / 24h, 1 ℃ / m

Gas supply system: Minimum supply pressure: 0.5Mpa Air consumption: 120L / min

Power supply system: Voltage: 220V ± 10%, the maximum power consumption: 2000W, Current: 15A

Electrical equipment requires reliable grounding: Grounding resistance less than 4 ohms


CMM software:

 Low cost, high efficiency measurement teaching


Support a variety of simple handle link


Single or multiple trips to meet the task of teaching


Unable to link CMM hardware devices


Calculate the processed data have random errors, analog detection data online


Using the touch screen: keeping up with the times

Touch screen software (hereinafter referred to as "Xmeas") is designed

Door for portable touch-screen features of the development of the new interface. Use Xmeas need to install any

New software.

Xmeas touch screen operation has been optimized, so that the user can use the touch completely


XMeas simplifies the tedious measurement operation, the measurement function group most frequently during operation

Together, the user only needs to XMeas window you can quickly and automatically complete the measurement operation.


Anti-collision detection, detection of intelligent planning

 Supports automatic rotation probe: PH9, PH10 PH20 five-axis trigger


Support continuous scanning probe: SP25, SP80 axis scanning REVO


It supports a variety of Renishaw probe changer


Support 4th axis rotary table, MCG check gauge


Optional Proe, UG, CATIA, Parasolid Direct Reading Interface


Optional module: SPC / CCD / Laser / Blade / cam / gear / pipe


CCD image analysis module is mainly used in graphical analysis testing, the composite measurement. Have following features:

Highly integrated interface, without having to switch or another subsection 2 software;

It supports composite detector, namely: CCD coordinate system and trigger a test data;

Auto focus, auto focus can be achieved many times, there are easy to measure levels of the workpiece. Support fine focus;

Supports automatic boundary and support pedals Capitol. With crosshairs, we can easily think of collection points;

Rapid self-learning DMIS image detection program, the program can automatically detect;

Support CCD camera ratio correction lens overcome because of its structural causes of unequal aspect ratio;

Support setting image acquisition delay time, eliminate some CMM machine positioned shake repeatability error;

Support identification element types: according to the selected point, automatically identify the type of the element;

"Polygon tool" for a large burr recess of the workpiece, can be selectively avoid burr, bump point;

Achieve a variety of geometric tolerance calculation and construction of various functions;

Rich output report, supports text, graphics, Form, dimensions and other reports.


Data can be common with other editions

DMIS5.0 Programming

Rapid detection of graphics editing program

Part inspection path preview

Collision detection, intelligent analog detection