Product Name:RT-1409 Automatic coordinate measuring machine ( Gantry type)

  • Model No.:RT-1409
  • Designed for measuring parts require large and large sizes designed to meet the aerospace, mold and parts manufacturing precision measurement needs.

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Main feature

Designed for measuring parts require large and large sizes designed to meet the aerospace, mold and parts manufacturing precision measurement needs.

The series There are two types available, each type provides excellent accuracy and efficiency, the customer can choose the appropriate model according to their needs.

 Stroke range (mm):2000*3000*10002500*5000*180

MPE E5+4L/1000

Sophisticated gantry measuring machine manufacturing technology

The accuracy of long-term stable and reliable

Careful design of finite element analysis technology reduces bias structure

Dual grating / dual-drive technology reduces the truss deflection

Real-time geometric error compensation, up to 26 parameters

Strong efficiency and flexibility

Low quality aluminum activities unit provides the highest speed and acceleration

Continuous trajectory interpolation technology (flight characteristics)

Servo system parameters are automatically optimized adjustment

Good system scalability

High load of machine design

Z-axis is equipped with pneumatic safety brakes

Cover a variety of configurations, suitable for use in a variety of occasions

Safe operation in the workshop environment 

Y-axis guide free to expand without causing distortion 

Thermal expansion coefficient of the grating after the official certification 

Insulated housing configuration 

Efficient temperature compensation system options: linear temperature compensation and temperature compensation structure

Environmental conditions:

Measuring Machine room temperature requirements: Temperature measuring machine room: 18-22 ℃

The maximum temperature gradient around the machine environment: 1 ℃ / h 2 ℃ / 24h, 1 ℃ / m

Gas supply system: Minimum supply pressure: 0.5Mpa Air consumption: 120L / min

Power supply system: Voltage: 220V ± 10%, the maximum power consumption: 2000W, Current: 15A

Electrical equipment requires reliable grounding: Grounding resistance less than 4 ohms


CMM software 

Pipeline module: professional pipeline for data analysis 

CAD drawings custom pipeline has the following advantages:

1. Paint saving time

2. realistic illustration pipeline, and the pipeline to facilitate intuitive and accurate comparison of the data

3. Direct measurement, intuitive graphics, vivid, shorten the measurement time

4. The measuring points can be generated based on theoretical data, convenient


Support curves and surfaces made open type 

Point cloud support functions, point cloud import / export

Support 21 error compensation / Temperature compensation / real-time temperature compensation

Supports CAD import / export, and seamless CAD

CAD elements automatically take knowledge, CAD-based fast programming, real-time comparison 


Laser scanning module: high precision for reverse engineering 

Reverse engineering studies have been increasingly visible, the workpiece can be high-speed, high-efficiency, high-precision measurement, fast

Acquisition coordinate points, provide data for reverse engineering.

Laser scanning measuring object non-contact measurement, no damage to the surface of the soft texture or precious objects measuring more than advantages. 


Adapted to detect a workpiece without CAD 

DMIS5.0 Programming 

Graphical display of the measured element, the machine model, the probe model 

Graphical display of the entire process of detection, detection path Preview / real-time simulation 

Graphical output report 

Create a complete coordinate system, structure, form and position tolerances computing 


3D module: comparison of the data for high-precision 

1, generating 3D graphics pipeline based on the theory of intelligent data.

2, built pipeline coordinate the establishment of methods to facilitate the completion of constructing the pipeline coordinate system.

3, the definition of a variety of channels, the user can complete the pipeline in accordance with customary definition.

4, convenient and efficient completion of the measurement pipe, greatly improve the measurement efficiency.

5, a complete data and graphical output reports, the measurement data at a glance.